Oil-free reciprocating compressor compact units: AIRBOX and AIRBOX CENTER

Ready for connection, quiet-running and exceptionally durable

The AIRBOX and AIRBOX CENTER compact units with air receiver, dryer and optional filters are ready for connection and immediate operation. The integrated reciprocating compressor produces quality oil-free compressed air and is controlled by the SIGMA CONTROL BASIC or the SIGMA CONTROL 2 electronic controller.

The technical parameters for AIRBOX and AIRBOX CENTER units are as follows:

  • Pressure: 7 / 10 / 12.5 bar
  • Flow rate: 0.25 – 0.90 m³/min
  • Motor power: 2.2 – 7.5 kW

The AIRBOX and AIRBOX CENTER oil-free reciprocating compressor compact units are perfect for applications requiring pure compressed air, such as in laboratories, in the pharmaceutical industry and in the beverage and food industry.

Your advantages

  • 24/7 compressed air availability – even at high temperatures:
    Clever air flow design ensures optimal compressor block and motor cooling, which allows 100 % duty cycles and reliable operation in ambient temperatures up to 30 °C.
  • No need for additional soundproofing:
    40 mm-thick soundproofing, cooling air flow with multiple bends, an acoustically decoupled compressor block, the optimised length of the inlet air line and effective soundproofing boxes enable installation adjacent to workstations – with no need for additional sound protection measures.
  • Maintenance – a thing of the past:
    The oil-free nature of the compressor as well as the maintenance-free 1:1 direct drive employed in the AIRBOX and AIRBOX CENTER means you'll hardly ever meet our service staff! If the need for a service call does arise, however, air filters and inlet air filters are easily accessible simply by removing the large enclosure panels.

Energy cost savings
Life-cycle costs

Premium quality IE3 motors ensure outstanding performance and efficiency; they reduce reduce energy losses, on average, by 45 % compared to conventional motors. resulting in significantly lower power consumption.


Product details.


Complete package

AIRBOX CENTER – All-in-one package (open)

  • Ready for operation
  • Fully automatic
  • Super silenced
  • Vibration-damped
  • Powder-coated panels

Sound insulation

  • Lined with washable foam
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Dual anti-vibration mount

Compressor block

  • 'Oil-free'
  • Two cylinder
  • One or two stage

Electric motor

  • Energy-saving motor (IE3)
  • Quality German manufacture
  • IP 54
  • Insulation Class F as additional reserve


Maintenance-free 1:1 direct drive with zero transmission loss


  • Air-cooled
  • Two fans
  • Compressed air aftercooler

Electrical components

  • Control cabinet to IP 54
  • Ventilated
  • Automatic star-delta protection combination
  • Overcurrent relay
  • Control transformer
  • EMC approval for residential electrical supplies


SIGMA CONTROL BASIC compressor controller

  • Quick and simple operation with clear icons and large display
  • Fully automatic Quadro or Dual compressor control
  • Monitoring of system pressure, discharge temperature, drive motor and refrigeration compressor, if applicable
  • Remote on/off
  • Display of dryer inlet temperature
  • Counter for service, load and compressor operation hours
  • Adjustable service interval, selectable pressure and temperature units (bar/psi/MPa/°C/°F)
  • Nominal system pressure can be adjusted separately
  • Adjustable switching range
  • "Group alarm" floating contact
  • Electronic pressure transducer
Optional: Integration into compressed air management systems, e.g. SIGMA AIR MANAGER BASIC

Sample compressed air station layout with individual components
Component layout of a compressed air station with AIRBOX
  2. Refrigeration dryers
  3. Air receivers
  4. Filters
  1. ECO DRAIN condensate drain
  2. Air-main charging system
Sample compressed air station layout with AIRBOX CENTER
AIRBOX CENTER component layout
  2. Air-main charging system
  1. Filters
Technical specifications

The technical specifications can be found in this brochure: